First Visit:

When you first arrive at our office we will have some paperwork for you to fill out. Or you can print it out here and bring the completed paperwork with you to save time in the office. After the paperwork is finished you will meet with the doctor to discuss your health concerns. A thorough spinal and musculoskeletal exam along with orthopedic testing will be performed to identify which structures in your body may be damaged and most likely causing your problems. Usually a new patient exam takes about 45 minutes to complete. X-rays will be taken as part of the exam, in our office, if you have a condition that requires it. The information we obtain from you talking with the doctor, the spinal and musculoskeletal exam, orthopedic tests, and x-rays will determine if you are a candidate for corrective care or if there is a need for referral to a more appropriate healthcare specialist.


Second Visit:

On the second visit you will first meet with the doctor for your report of findings where we will discuss the results of the exams and testing performed on the first visit. During the report of findings we will discuss the recommended treatment and course of action for your unique case. After the report of findings you will be adjusted and get treated for your condition.